What’s Your Story?

We all have a great story to share!

Have You Really Thought About Yours Lately? 

There is one common thing that unites us, and that is that we all have a story.

We have a journey that we have walked that has led to where we are today. It is the foundation of our visions, dreams, and ambitions. Each day that we live, we are filling the pages of our story with our experiences, tests, trials, and successes, creating chapters along the way. 

Therefore, it’s important for someone to take caution and not to judge others based upon the chapter that they enter in another person’s life. For you may judge them incorrectly, not understanding the true journey and struggles of their life. 

We all have a story, so let me share with you a piece of mine….

One chapter of my story begins when I graduated from Tuskegee University in Electrical Engineering and started a career as an engineer in corporate.

I had great career, making good money, meeting new people, traveling the world, and had great company benefits & cars. I was known to make real estate investments, and make investments in various business to boost my portfolio. I was interested in leaving the corporate life, and wanted to have enough money to live without a job. During the time of my career, I met my husband, got married, and began a family. 

One month after our 1st daughter, Taylor Ann, was born, my mother was diagnosed with cancer.

This was hard news. Nevertheless, I made it a point to help her and be there for her. Now many people will have various opinions about things, but this was before Obamacare. So, my mother’s cancer was a pre-existing condition, and we did not plan for her to get sick at such a young age.

The cost of medical care was outrageous. Generic chemo medicines were still expensive and we had to get many prescriptions at one time. I tend to explain it this, “that it is like trying to get a knock off Louis Vuitton but it is only $100 cheaper than the real one–it’s still expensive!” The cost of organic and healthy food was very high. We did juicing and other organic food which tripled her food bill.

During her time of disability, her income was reduced from making $2500 a month to making about $400 every two weeks, with an $1100 mortgage. Talk about a financial and health trial? I still find it so unfortunate that good health care and food is sometimes limited to the wealthy. Many times, in those days, doctors will not even share all of the options of health care if they thought you could not afford it–which was unfortunate. So, I poured most of my money into her health care and subsidizing her lifestyle, as much as I could. I wasn’t the only one that helped, but as the oldest daughter of the family, I held most of the responsibility for her estate and her care. Someone asked if I would do it again, I answered resoundingly, “ABSOLUTELY!” Taking care of my mother before she passed away was the one of the greatest honors of my life, and helped me after she was gone. 

After my mother’s passing, I lost the zeal for business. I missed my mom. My best friend.  

I just kind of… lost the fire for it. I could not speak her name for the 1st year because it was too painful. It was hard to understand how I could be a woman of faith and face such a loss. I knew my faith but I was hurt and was in crisis. I was having problems at work, home, marriage, and I was a new mom and learning how to be a mother without a mother. I always had her and this time, I did not. Sometimes, I could make thousands of dollars in one day and get excited, but not anymore.

During my journey of healing and grief recovery, and with the prayers of many, I began to get my healing and restoration. Slowly but surely and day by day, I began to get better. Plus, I had 2 beautiful daughters that I need to be healthy for and I was determined to be a happy and healthy mother. Along the way, I had a strong desire and impression to start a coaching and training business. At first, I did not want to do it because I was afraid. After much consideration and prayer, I had a impression on my heart that said “You did not learn what you learned in corporate, business, and life, just for yourself. There was a reason why.” You see.. I was always studious and loved to test out theories and methods to see if they would work. I carried this in my corporate background and in my faith background, as I would want to make sure something would work. Then I sensed in my heart, “You learned those things so that you can help someone else.” WOW! All that time, I thought it was all about me and it was never just about me.

I was in training all along to be a trainer, coach, teacher, and person who equips.

I had to lead diverse teams of individuals groups to meet targets and to get complicated projects completed from all over the globe. I had family problems and drama that I had to juggle along the way. I had to manage a broken heart while still bringing home a paycheck to take care of my family. I had to learn a way to be effective in a noisy and troublesome world.

If I had become a coach, trainer, or speaker before my mother passed away, I think I would have just been another coach selling empty packages without substance or result driven materials because it seemed like the ‘in thing’ to do.

But because of my destiny journey, my experiences, my brokenness, my successes, my failures, I am a coach and trainer that offers solutions to business owners, companies, salespeople, and individuals who face hardships and need help in leadership, sales, customer service, management, and business development to discover how to become successful in the areas that they desire. 

Your clients will want to work with Modern Empowerment—because this is what I know.

Just like us, Your clients have a story of their own.

I am a good referral for your client that has a story of their own that led them into business ownership to seek independence and build a legacy. However, they are frustrated with not making their goals or sales targets, worried about the high cost of turn over rates due to bad hires, disappointed in the poor leadership & customer service of their staff, and concerned that their new hires will leave the company shortly after on-boarding. You may notice your clients uneasiness in your next meeting, or how they would only speak positively of one employee when they have many, or you may hear them speak about how they would like to retire and visit their grandkids but the company needs them to work a little longer. 

The next time you meet with them ask them about their story and what got them into their business or ministry, and as they share with you their story, share with them about Modern Empowerment — a Personal and Professional Development and Training company, who specialize in helping people with stories like theirs. Introduce us in a 3-way email with lorinda@lorindabuckingham.com to have a conversation, schedule a discovery consultation online with this link at https://lorindabuckingham.com/appointments or call us at (678) 826-2990.

To Your Freedom, Balance, and Faith For Success! 

Lorinda Buckingham, Creator and CEO of Modern Empowerment.



I hope you enjoyed this short story based upon the principles of Coaching and Training.

Sharing Is Caring: I encourage you to share with others that are around you. Please share these blogs, videos, and articles with others if you find value in them. I write them to a resource to add value to others so that they can live a life of Freedom, Balance, and Faith For Success!

Make A Positive Impact!

Here’s to your Freedom, Balance, and Faith For Success! 

Lorinda Buckingham

Lorinda Buckingham is the Creator and Founder of Modern Empowerment, and is a Certified Coach, Speaker, & Trainer by the John Maxwell Team!

Lorinda Buckingham helps individuals discover powerful simple to use strategies on how to grow as leaders, enhance their career, and build the business of their dreams, and never again worry about not having what it takes to succeed!

Clients gain personalized attention and customized packages that meets the needs of their organization. Lorinda delivers amazing value by sharing proven principles in empowerment and leadership. Professionalism, friendliness, and authenticity and the hallmark for Lorinda and Modern Empowerment.


To Connect With Lorinda, go to www.LorindaBuckingham.com/connect

To Work With Lorinda go to www.LorindaBuckingham.com, or call 678-826-2990 or email support@LorindaBuckingham.com for Keynote Speaking, Corporate Training, Professional Leadership Development, Career Development or Coaching.



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