Irreplaceable Mother

Are you ready to discover grief recovery methods and learn to live again?

This ultimate grief recovery resource guide will place healing within the reach after a mother passed away. A mother’s passing leaves a void, an emptiness, misunderstandings, even a questioning of faith. You can move beyond death, defeat depression, overcome bruised relationships, and find you way to healing. Though written after the passing of her mother to cancer in the book, “The Irreplaceable Mother” by Best Selling Author Lorinda Buckingham offers a tell-all glimpse into how to overcome the loss of a loved one and hardship.

This book has been compiled for many years and is finally available on, Amazon Kindle, and IngramSpark.

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Grief Recovery, Healing, and  Restoration are possible with this helpful grief comfort guide that offers:

Grief Recovery Methods For Comfort, Healing, & Restoration

Discover step-by-step principles on how motherless sons and motherless daughters can move beyond death to discover grief recovery, healing, restoration, and closure. These grief recovery methods are good for teens, adults, and groups.

Faith-Based Daily Meditations For Grief Recovery For The Spiritually Aware

Are you a spiritually aware individual with unanswered questions and pain since the passing of your parent? Discover how to survive grief and live again with power packed scripture references for your daily affirmation.

Authentic Principles To Overcome Despair To Live Joyful Again

Struggling with despair, heartache, concentration, or complicated relationships with others since the parent’s passing? Discover how to overcome loss and defeat depression to live your new normal with forgiveness and thanksgiving.

Meet The Author, Lorinda Buckingham

Lorinda Buckingham is the Founder and C.E.O of Modern Empowerment, and highly sought after Business Strategist, Success Blueprint Developer, Change Agent, and Speaker. Modern Empowerment is a Leadership & Business Success Development and Consulting Firm that specializes in developing and executing development training & coaching programs that grows the Leadership, and Business capabilities of Companies, Employees, and Non-Profit organizations. With more than 15 years real-world corporate experience, faith-based training, and world-class leadership foundation, Lorinda Buckingham brings relatable principles that connects with diverse audiences and empowers them to take action towards the lifestyle and results they desire.

Lorinda Buckingham is the host and teacher for The Modern Executive Podcast, which is a leadership empowerment podcast for contemporary leaders to discover how to have success as a business professional in a modern world, heard by diverse audiences on major podcast outlets. Lorinda’s #1 audio series The Modern Executive Success Blueprint 1.0, has helped individuals step into their confidence, conquer fear, reach their dreams and much more.

For more information on her leadership and business development programs, or to book Lorinda for your next event visit

Lorinda Buckingham

Founder of Modern Empowerment Leadership Success Coach, Speaker, & Best Selling Author

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