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“I found Lorinda to be both engaging and inspirational with her presentation both in terms of style and substance. I would highly recommend her to any group seeking ways to bring about positive change in both personal and professional life. Lorinda gets an A in my book!”
~ Dr. A. Ogbuehi, Clayton State University, Morrow, Georgia


“As a retired principal, I was impressed with her work ethic as she “raised the bar” on the expectations and educational successes of our students. Her outstanding strengths include integrity, leadership, credibility, and positive attitude. Mrs. Buckingham leadership program would be a tremendous asset to any organization”.
~ V. Johnson, Ed. D, Executive Director Flat Rock E.S.T.E.A.M, Fayetteville, Georgia


“Lorinda is a very passionate, funny, charismatic, and intentional orator!  She has the ability to totally engage her audience and provide down-to-earth and practical knowledge. Because of her compassion for people, she is most concerned about helping others seeing their lives changed for the better.” 
~L. Franklin, M.A., LLP, Detroit, Michigan


I have been participating in my first ever Mastermind Group, facilitated by certified coach Lorinda Buckingham. It has far exceeded my expectations! Lorinda has made a believer out of someone who used to be skeptical of “coaching.” I leave every session, not only inspired, but empowered to make small changes even as I dream BIG!

Even with a hectic schedule of having to juggle dinner, homework and bath time before our sessions begin, I truly look forward to each one. Lorinda’s laid back style, and sense of humor has made the group enjoyable. And her transparency in sharing the ups and downs of her own journey, have made my new journey towards living a life of intention all the more attainable”.
~ L.Smith, Real Estate Agent, Atlanta, Georgia


My experience was phenomenal! I looked forward to the group discussion every week. I was inspired to get organized and take action with moving forward with my dreams and goals. It was a true blessing to be apart of amazing people during the group calls; whereby, people shared intimate experiences which were uplifting and inspiring.” 
~ C. Richmond, Licensed Speech Pathologist, Washington D.C


The class discussions really have been helpful with pushing me to the next level in my business. What I love the most about this class is the real life testimonies and the way Lorinda cause us to think more about our purpose.Being significant is one of our many goals and I’m excited that now I’m very focused on the next chapter of my life.Lorinda really makes this class exciting to the point I logged on 2 days early because I was so excited to learn about the next week lessons and after 20 minutes had gone by I figured out the class was two days from when I logged on. 
~ J.Houston, Entrepreneur & Real Estate Broker, McDonough, Georgia


I attended a great, thought-provoking John Maxwell Mastermind Class facilitated by Lorinda Buckingham who is a certified life-coach. I highly recommend to anyone looking to enhance your leadership and life skills as well as starting a business. Lorinda really makes the class exciting and helps to push you to that next level.
G.Johnson, Owner of Sweet Cakes, Houston, Texas


The classes really helped me highlight victories and wins that we all neglect sometimes because they aren’t massive wins to others. With Lorinda’s guidance and attentiveness I learned to refocus my energy towards positive outcomes and to be aware of how I talked to myself daily. The participants also brought  knowledge and positive energy to the classes. Lorinda Buckingham will provide you with the leadership development, coaching, or public speaking you need! Modern Empowerment and Lorinda are one of the best investments I made in my professional and personal development.
R.Robinson, Owner of Knitting Hands, Atlanta, Georgia


I attended Modern Empowerment’s Mastermind Class facilitated by Lorinda Buckingham. She was very professional, nice, courteous and the class was very informative. I recommend that anyone looking to enhance not only business leadership ship, but enhance your life skills, should take this course facilitated by Lorinda. It will be a life changing experience.”
S.Shreve, Owner of Elegant Events, Canton, Michigan


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