Hiring & Employee Placement With DiSC

DiSC is a user-friendly, high credibility, low-cost tool used by many during the hiring or on-boarding process. Be sure to use it responsibly. Our most popular DiSC product used during the hiring and onboarding process is the John Maxwell DiSC Personality Assessments.

The most important resource within any organization is its employees and adding a new member to an existing team is a decision not to be taken lightly. A good hire will stimulate positive growth, increase productivity, and boost morale. A bad hire can throw the entire organization off track, costing thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Unlock engagement and ignite cultural transformation in the workplace with DiSC I Lorinda Buckingham

The process of finding talented employees and bringing them into your organization doesn’t have to be time consuming and stressful. At Modern Empowerment, we use the reliable DISC hiring solutions and DISC Training to help streamline your process, and will work to help you find the perfect fit for an open position.

DISC Training I Diversity and Inclusion I Leadership Coach I Lorinda BuckinghamOur John Maxwell DISC Assessments and Program provides a fast, easy, and reliable way to find the right candidate for the job, and for those who desire to BE the right candidate to get the critical feedback that they need.

Our program allows you to:

  • Easily assess individuals according to the DISC personality profile
  • Measure individuals against the jobs that they are seeking to ensure the proper fit
  • Creates an understanding of an individuals strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint support to increase productivity 
  • Ask the right interview questions based on their personality style
  • Access detailed information about the individual communication style, job strengths and weaknesses, patterns of behavior, team thinking style, and workplace values
  • Quickly and effortlessly choose the cream-of-the-crop from a pool of applicants

Make a hiring decision based on more than the details that candidates choose to share on their resumes. Use DISC to predict the performance, skills, and compatibility of potential employees before bringing them into your organization. There are many Applications To DISC that you can use to be successful.