Personal Development And Coaching

Personal Development and Coaching Services To Help You Become More Effective

In The Workplace & Business

If you desire to become successful personally, in your career or business, then coaching is a good place to start. My coaching program is designed to help executives, high potential employees, business owners, non-profit organizations, and individuals who desire to discover how to use proven leadership strategies to become effective leaders in the workplace.

Lorinda Buckingham is the Creator and CEO of Modern Empowerment, and  received my certification in coaching from the John Maxwell Team. The principles and techniques used are based off the the #1 Leadership training company in the world, along with the 12+ years of experience as the foundation for this program. Participants in this program are provided with world class coaching and training materials. 

Modern Empowerment is a national and global company. Clients can join the coaching program within the United States and just about anywhere in the world. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to see how we can serve you and your team with premier coaching services. 


In this coaching program, you can get:  

Some Areas Of Coaching For You To Consider: 

    • Leadership Coaching
    • Executive Coaching
    • Small Business Coaching –
    • Mompreneur Coaching
    • Singleness Coaching (unmarried women)
    • Newly Married Coaching
  • and much more!

In my coaching program packages, you’ll get: 

          • Coaching Relationship with a professional certified coach & trainer
          • 60 Minute Duration Coaching Sessions
          • Confidential Individual and Group Coaching Session.
          • Client sets the agenda! Yes, that’s right! You decide on what you want to achieve!
          • Coaching resources such as assessments and action plans
          • Pre-work assignments to help us hit the ground running 
          • Email support to help navigate you on the journey of personal growth

Coaching vrs. TherapyKnow The Difference 

Coaching is different than therapy. Therapy deals with your past. Coaching focuses on your FUTURE!  My services are coaching services, not therapy. If you desire professional therapy, please refer to a licensed professional therapist. Please review Coaching vrs. Therapy page to get an idea of the differences.

Are We a Good Fit?

If you are considering me as your coach, it is an honor. There isn’t really anyone who doesn’t need a coach in some fashion or another. However, before we start we must determine if we are a “good fit”. Please feel free to look at the Success Stories, and listen the podcast, The Modern Executive with Lorinda Buckingham on this website, or Podbean