SPECIAL 30TH EPISODE: Strength In The Face Of Fear

THIS IS OUR 30TH EPISODE!!! This week’s episode: Strength In The Face Of Fear, unlocks the strength needed to start, build or grow you personal and professional success.

It is so amazing to see that we have produced 30 podcast recording so far. We have been fortunate to expand our podcast and reach more people. So for this special 30th episode, I wanted to share about how to have strength is the face of fear.

Many of you have heard my story, but I share it as always. I remember when I started Modern Empowerment. It was after my mother passed away of cancer. I was already an engineer, making decent money, had a company car, and living comfortably, but there was a higher purpose to my corporate and personal experiences. It was out of that journey of healing from brokenness that led me to discover that leadership development was more than just a cute event that we host during the year, but it is to be part of who we are. It took courage to start a company. I missed my mother. I did not have any social media experience. I did not want to step out of the shadows. I was afraid! But how many of you know that we have not been given the spirit of fear. 

Many of you have your own story as to why you started your business, or applied for that promotion, or desire to make an impact. It is that story that will inspire you and others around you. Just as you have overcome many obstacles in your past, you can have the courage for your journey today. You can have Strength In The Face Of Fear.

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