Building Confidence and Value In Your Leaders

Typically, when we start the conversation about leadership the word “value” immediately comes into the dialogue. This could be whether it is based on the value that we want to add to others or the value we bring to the table. Many people do not have the confidence in themselves, their ability, or in their support system to perform as they desire. Building confidence, I believe, helps bring out the leaders that are on our teams.

In this blog, I wanted to start and spark a conversation about “confidence” and “who” defines the quality of the value of our leadership, confidence in who we are, and the type of value that is brought to the table. Is it possible that there are individuals within the organization that they are not confident in their value, so they do not participate as they desire? Is it possible that the high potential team members lack the confidence or feel unappreciated by their peers or superiors, and therefore hold back their value from the organization?

I believe that leadership is influence. Influence can be positive or negative. Developing the confidence of the leaders in a positive way, can increase their potential to bring greater gifts and talents to the team. Therefore, as a leadership trainer and coach, one of my desires and goals is to help someone build their confidence in who they are and discover how to become a positive influencer for the greater good for themselves, for others, and for their organization.

Thus, each of us have an individual responsibility and an organizational responsibility to ensure that we are building confidence both the value of the individual and the unique experiences that they can share.

Far too many times, we find people and companies whose words do not measure up with their actions. Unfortunately, they communicate that they want leadership to produce but fail to express the value and build the confidence of the persons and their uniqueness in the organization.

It costs everyone money, time, and poor results when this occurs. An organization that hasn’t taken this part of leadership seriously will see issues within their performance, waste, and profit.

Therefore, as an executive, manager, or small business owner, take a little time to yourself to reflect on who and what will build the confidence and define the value for your team and organization. Will you embrace everyone? Do you want to attract millennials? Are you ready to promote women leaders including working mothers, single moms, veterans, and disabled members into leadership positions? What do you want the character and culture of where you work to become?

Being a leader isn’t always easy, but it is the most rewarding. Most people will 8-10 spend most of their day about 8-12 hours at work. Investing in yourself and your people will bring a return of investment (ROI) both tangibly through the improved performance and intangibly by the increase of confident and effective positive influencers.

I created a FREE CONFIDENCE RESOURCE to encourage and support those who struggle to step out in confidence as a leader.

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You’ll get steps to building your confidence daily to overcome fear and self-limiting beliefs.

I encourage you to start the conversation, if you haven’t already. Use the time to have healthy conversations for your. I promise your intentional actions will not go unrewarded. Clarity will come to you.

Here’s to your confident and positive leadership! 

~ Lorinda Buckingham 

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I hope you enjoyed this short story based upon the principles of Coaching and Training. 

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