Is Fear Crippling Your Ability To Lead?

You are a person that wears many hats, have many responsibilities,  and may be wondering, “how am I going to make it?”  Is fear crippling your ability to lead with courage in your relationships, career, or business? Let’s talk about it. 

Like many, you may have experienced a heightened sense of fear and anxiety in the last few weeks due to the developments in the world. You may have concerns such as your family, business, career, college, milestones, and more.

Whenever we begin to have a sense of uncertainty, it is very easy for fear to set into our minds and hearts. When this happens, it can cause what I call, “Leaders Block”. 

What is Leader’s Block? 

Leaders Block is when a person gets stuck on what to do next in terms of how to go to the next level in their storm. They draw a blank on what to do and how to overcome. Typically, as a leader, you are on top of things. You are usually on your “A-Game”. You are fully aware of your strengths and your weaknesses. 

Like many, you may have frozen and became filled with fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the future. 

When Does Fear Take Over? 

Fear begins to take over when we focus more on our problems than we do on our solutions. Fear is when we focus more on what we do not have instead of what we do have. 

We have all been there. Many of us are there now. 

We’ve all come to a crossroad at some point in our life and was uncertain about the path that we should take. For many, that crossroad is now. 

Fear is taking over because you are looking down a road that you have not travelled before. 

3 Ways To Overcome Fear

Your ability to lead greatly depends on how well you are able to face your fears in a human and real way, while embracing your leadership in this moment. 

You can start your journey to overcome fear by using these three ways: 

  1. Focus on the positive things: Find the silver lining in the cloud in your career, business, and life. Write those things down and meditate on them daily. To get rid of Leaders Block, you must become a positive thinker. 
  2. Don’t give up: Never give in to the desire to give up on yourself or others. Make the decision to believe that there are better days ahead. 
  3. Take Courage: Dive deeper into your awareness to embrace your courage in the midst of fear. Courage will build you up and help you to stand strong in uncertainty. 


You can overcome your crippling fear, overcome Leaders Block, and rise to the occasion in this new season of your life. You do not have to be crippled by fear and anxiety. You can lead your family, team, and life in a very powerful and unique way. 

Make a decision today to overcome fear.  Lead your family, team, and life like never before. 

Remember you can do this! I am cheering for you! 

Take care

I hope you enjoyed this short story based upon the principles of Coaching and Training.

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