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Goal setting is used to measure our success within certain conditions. However, it can become a restrictive measuring tool that can prohibit us from feeling as though we have accomplished anything meaningful. Goals are good when used properly. We are the ones who set the goals. Therefore, we must learn when it is necessary to adjust the goals when we see that they are unrealistic or set incorrectly.

I found this quote that I liked…

The Goal Should Scare You A little, But Excite You A lot! ~unknown

I love this quote because of its simple honesty. Your goals should stretch you but excite you! It should cause you to want to rise to the challenge, but not overwhelm you to the point of discouragement. When we set the right goals the right way, it should prompt us to get the wheels of our minds turning to figure out how we plan to do them. Yet, so many times we fail to set those type of goals–the good goals. Instead we set ones that only a superwoman or superman could do.

Let’s be honest, we have all be there! We are all somewhat guilty of setting unrealistic goals for ourselves. Don’t believe me? I will prove it!

How many New Year’s Resolutions have you made in your lifetime? I know I have made many. My famous resolution each year is to loose weight. I have great intentions of being an exercise and fitness guru at the beginning of the year. I envision working out at least 3 to 4 times a week. I would get a new gym membership– or actually use the one that I was paying for all year but never had time to go to. I would buy new gym clothes, make a new schedule, and put these requirements on myself. Can you guess what happened next? Well, I would fizzle out about 5 weeks in because I failed to calculate the unexpected late meetings that I would have to attend, or sick child that needed my attention one night, or that I would just be too tired to go so many times a week.

Does this story sound familiar to anything you have gone through?

You see, the goal of loosing weight was OK. It was the strenuous targets that I put on myself that made the goal unrealistic and I lost the excitement.

Many businesses do the same practice of setting target with unrealistic expectations. It causes the team to loose excitement and give up. There isn’t anything wrong with having goals, just as long as they are good goals with realistic and measurable targets. The targets that are set should consider all the possible known factors that would impact the ability of the company to meet those targets. A good company goal and target would consider company holidays, vacations, sick days, weather concerns, just to name a few. There should always be a little room for error. In the same way, the goals should keep the company competitive and strong in the market. You do not want your goals to be too easy. It is important that your goals and targets have a positive effect on the company.

The setting and achievement of a goal requires conscious planning and effort. I have observed some life stories of achievers and many of them practice the same principles when it comes to goal setting that we can all learn from.

Here are 3 observations that I have discovered:

1.Be A Visionary

The greatest achievers are driven by their vision and want to make a positive difference in the world. These people are driven by their vision. They see a greater purpose in what they are doing. It is more than just a job, ministry, or business for them. They see bigger things.

2. Set Goals & Targets Aligned With Your Vision

Set targets and goals that line up with your vision. Be sure to pick action items and activities that would support your greater vision. This will help you stay focused & resourceful. Apply yourself to your vision. Stay the course and allow for your vision to guide you.

3. Be A Learner

Most successful people will tell you that they are always learning. You are never too young or too old to learn something new. You can learn from other people, books, and even your mistakes. This is a great attribute because being a learner requires humility. Humility opens the door to success in due season!  They learn from their mistakes, from other people’s mistakes, and learn from their observations of those who are more successful.

Are we setting realistic and exciting goals for ourselves and for our organizations?

Remember, you are good enough for the task at hand. Be sure to give yourself a break, and your team, by creating realistic and exciting goals and targets.


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