Is Fear Holding You Back?

Is Fear Holding You Back?

Is fear holding you back from following your dreams? Are you allowing fear to hold you back from pursuing your dreams and goals? Once you let go of fear, step out in faith, and with courage it will be the best thing that you have ever done! 

Take Courage! 

Many times when we talk about courage, we think of people who are heroes in battle. People who are out fighting wars and have saved lives. We may think of the people who serve in our local community as people who have courage and are heroes. But do we really think of having courage in our own lives. That it takes courage, a level of bravery to want to have good for yourself. Some people do not think that they deserve to have good things. That good things are beyond their reach and are meant for other people. Is that you? We do not think that stepping out to do something in our careers or business makes us courageous.

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It takes courage to leave a job.

It takes courage to start a business.

It takes courage to go out for the promotion.

It takes courage to go back to school after not being in school for a while.

Here are 5 things that you can do to begin to have courage to want good things for yourself.

1. Recognize the courage you have within

For someone, this is a challenge, discovering your courage will require you to believe good things about yourself. It may be one of the reasons why you have not started taking the classes needed for your next job opportunity. You have the courage within to do it but do you realize it. Discover that you are fearless and have the ability to overcome whatever obstacle that comes your way.

You have to walk out by faith in your bravery. You can have the courage to start that new business or to start working towards that new promotion.

Do you remember what it was like riding a bike for the first time?

I sure do! I remember when I got my first new 10-speed bike. It was pink and gray with nice handle bars that had shimmering streamers. I was so happy to have the bike. My parents got it for me just as summer started. I could not wait to ride my bike with my friends. But there was one problem, I did not know how to ride. I had the desire and the vision to ride my bike, but I did not know how. Nonetheless, that did not stop me. I tried to ride my bike even though I did not know how. I scraped my knee, bruised my elbows, and fell on the grass & concrete more times than I could count. I thought it was fun even though I was getting hurt.

You see the fear of the unknown did not outweigh the vision that I had for riding my bike. The vision sparked courage within me. The vision that you have for your life must spark COURAGE. You have it already in you. You have it in you.

It has taken courage to get you to where you are now and it will take courage to continue to move forward. As you continue to move forward, you will get the hang of stepping out in courage. You will continue to overcome your fears and you will see how strong you really are. Not only that, it will be fun. It will be rewarding. It will give you to fulfillment of your promise.

2. Do it afraid

Don’t worry about not feeling unafraid. Do it afraid. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is being afraid and doing it anyway. So when you are doing it afraid. Start doing what you need to do. Start walking out by faith. People who are great are great because they overcome their fear and do it anyway.  Don’t allow yourself to let fear stop you from rising to the test of courage. You can be the person that you desire to be. All you have to do is believe.

3. Remove The Negative Thinking

Do you have overcome negative thoughts?

Thoughts that seem to cripple you or keep you from walking in your courage.

Thinking things such as what if it doesn’t work? What if people do not like me? What if I have to go back to a job? There can be barriers sometimes when you are going through something. I want to share with you that many people have faced these same fears and overcome them. You can too. Being a courageous person means to step out even your mind is saying otherwise. It takes courage to step out and start working on ideas or putting money aside to make it.

Remove the Negative Thinking from your life! Think only positive thoughts.

4. Write Down What Holds You Back

1. Write down what holds you back. This could be anything in life. You have to clearly identify what holds you back from being able to have the courage to succeed. I talk with clients all of the time about how they can grow as leaders by facing their fears head on. True leadership is identifying what is wrong and staying focused on the positive.

You are a good leader and nothing can hold you back.

5. Face Your Obstacles Head On

Face your obstacles head on. Don’t pull away or be afraid. This is like the boogy man. You think it is so bad when the lights are off. When you are alone, but when you turn on the light you realize that it is not anything. That is the same way with out obstacles. It is a boogy man, but it does not have power. It is nothing. Face those obstacles head on. Strength isn’t being unafraid but having the to have to look at your goals and dreams and continue to move forward in the midst of adversity.

Face your obstacles head on.

If you do these 5 things, you will be on the path to stepping out by faith and walking in your courage. You will see great things happen because this is what you are made to do.


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