Health Care Leadership That Improves Service

Health Care Leadership will give patients quality care. Discover how leadership training can change your practice around and give a great experience to the most memorable moments.

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How To Discover Vision For Success (Video Inside)

Have you ever felt unfulfilled in your career? Or had a great business idea but did not know how to get from Point A to Point B? Jumpstart 2018 with a clear vision for your life, career, and business! Be the boss of your career and the architect of your own company! Live out the life that you desire. Discover the truths about visions and plans in this short video.

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How Getting Coaching Can Help Marriage Relationships

One of the greatest causes of divorce and separation is finances.Financial strain can put pressure on a marriage and cause stress, anxiety and fear. Discover how a clear vision and coaching can improve marriage relationships.

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Discover How Mentorship Adds Value (YouTube Video Inside)

Modern Empowerment with Lorinda Buckingham

Here’s Episode 022: Mentorship Part 2 on YouTube. Discover how to become a better mentor through your example. You can get all of the episodes from Modern Empowerment on iTunes. Don’t have iTunes? Subscribe & Listen to this show on Lorinda Buckingham YouTube Channel. #leadership #business #mentor

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Do You Have A Heart For Mentorship? (YouTube Video Inside)

Modern Empowerment Podcast with Lorinda Buckingham

Mentorship change lives and is a powerful way to make a positive difference in your community! You can listen to my podcast on Mentorship Part 1 on YouTube. Subscribe to my Youtube channel to get updates on new shows, DIY’s and more!

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