How Getting Coaching Can Help Marriage Relationships

One of the greatest causes of divorce and separation is finances.

Financial strain can put pressure on a marriage and cause stress, anxiety and fear. Any person that has ever been married long enough would say that it is a great thing but takes a lot of work. I work with clients from a hot items list to identify profitable products to monetize small businesses quickly when business owners have limited cash.

A man named Al was having a bad season in his marriage and felt that they may have been on the brink of separation after starting his own company. He wanted to build his business and save his marriage. He had a dream of not working for anyone else. But this dream caused him to put in long hours and invest a lot of money. He & his wife got into a huge argument over money and his time. 

She felt he was wasting his time with his business, and he felt she was not supportive.

I identified that he needed a clear vision and direction through developing as a leader and he needed to monetize his business. I offered a 3 Month coaching opportunity to get hi business and subsequently his marriage back on track. As a result, he discovered how to better manage himself, communicate much better, and monetize his business more quickly.

I’m a good referral for your client, who is like Al, who desires to grow their family and business; and keep a happy wife so he can have a happy life.


Have you considered Coaching to improve your marriage relationship?


I hope you enjoyed this short story based upon the principles of Coaching and Training. 

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Lorinda Buckingham 

Lorinda Buckingham is the Creator and Founder of Modern Empowerment, and is a Certified Coach, Speaker, & Trainer by the John Maxwell Team! 

Lorinda Buckingham helps individuals discover powerful simple to use strategies on how to grow as leaders, enhance their career, and build the business of their dreams, and never again worry about not having what it takes to succeed!

Clients gain personalized attention and customized packages that meets the needs of their organization. Lorinda delivers amazing value by sharing proven principles in empowerment and leadership. Professionalism, friendliness, and authenticity and the hallmark for Lorinda and Modern Empowerment.

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