4 Tips To Encourage Your Career Development

Just about everyone wants to advance in his or her chosen vocation. No one wants to simply stay put; everyone wants to get somewhere else. Career development can help you do that!

There are few people really know how to make their own advancement happen. Many search for tools resources and skills that will set them apart and help them to get noticed in their next opportunity. 

This is the definition that I like to use for career development.

Career Development is the process of being a continual learner in the vocation of your choice by actively obtaining education, training, and resources in order to achieve a desired professional outcome.” 

Career development is not as complex as it may sound. However, it does require a level of commitment to learn something new and to invest in yourself. It will require some amount of discipline to be able to be able to complete your goals. For example, if you are an employee and desire to become a manager, you may have to take classes or workshops that will help you to manage teams of people. You may already have that responsibility, but to take time to invest in yourself a little more could allow you to stand out from the crowd when it comes to advancement. 

We will never know everything and be the perfect person. Taking time is personal growth and career development will always be apart of our lives. This is why I say that we will be “continual learners”. 

If we were to look at the majority of our Influencers in the world, many of them will tell you that they take time to invest in themselves through training, reading, and learning. Therefore, if we desire to reach success in our own lives then we need to take the same approach to learn about how we can be the best in our professions. 

Here are a few things you can do in your quest for career development:

1. Read Extensively

In many fields, reading is one of the best things you can do to educate yourself. I know it can appear difficult with busy schedules and work, but by taking time to read a book or to listen to a good audio book on a subject that will help your career is valuable. 

2. Do Something Different

As the famous saying goes, if you want to receive something different, you must do something different. 

If you expect to get anywhere in the world, you will have to be open to learn something new. So many times people get stuck in a rut because they are not open to changing their ways. They want to do the same thing but desire a different result. So today, I urge you to be the type of person who is open to doing something new and different. For example, you may not be considered a “school-type” person, or a “people” person–at first, but if it is needed to go higher in your career, I want you to step out to develop the skills. I want you to know that you CAN do what it takes to develop the skills to advance in your career. 

3. Be Open Minded 

By being open minded and keeping your mind sharp with continual education, you will have a decided advantage over those who simply do not bother. Employers desire people who want to take the extra mile. 

4. Prepare and Provide What Is Required 

Prepare and provide what is required of the job. Whether you work for a company or operate your own business, a fundamental principle is to give people what they want.  If the career that you desire have a set of requirements, then be sure to get those basic requirements first. Also, keep in mind, that your personal experiences and growth will also give you an advantage. Therefore, take the preparation needed to get your career requirements and submit that will you apply.  As an employee, this will mean making a study of your company and finding the area where your unique skills are certain to have an effect.  Always try to find out what is expected of you, and what people want to receive from you. 

Let’s put these steps to practice this week. 

What steps can you begin to take that will help you with your career development? Write them down and start working on them today! 

Good luck on your career development journey this week! 

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