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Hi, I'm Lorinda Buckingham with Modern Empowerment, a Personal and Professional Development Training and Consulting firm, with over 15 years of real world experience, delivering premier leadership, management, customer service, & business development training, located in Peachtree City, GA.

I specialize in developing and executing strategic development training programs that grows the capabilities of companies, employees, and business owners to become effective leaders to lead others, confront & solve problems, builds cross-functional & cross-organizational communication, invests in human capital management, strengthens support for innovation & green energy, increases efficiency & productivity, improves customer service, promotes a culture of learning including work-home balance & healthier lifestyles, and aligns the development action plan with career, personal, and business strategies.

We’ve been very successful in developing programs for clients that are disappointed in the short supply of internal leadership, frustrated with the deficiency of effective root cause analysis problem solving & countermeasures, concerned with insufficient capabilities to support innovation & energy, upset about missed sales goals, distraught with poor customer service, overwhelmed with overly complicated internal processes, unhappy with their deficit of business know-how, and worried about the high cost of turn over due inadequate new hire support & poor career management.

Does any of the concerns I've described sound relevant to you or your company are dealing with or relevant in your world. 

If so, which ones?

Would you be open to getting together to determine if there may be a fit?

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