Women In Leadership

Women In Leadership is an important component to the success of an organization. We believe that “leadership is influence”. Women of all diverse backgrounds play a fundamental and influential role in our society from work, home, politics, and purchasing decisions. Modern Empowerment is committed to working with organizations to strengthen their women in leadership to excel in the workplace. As the world continues to move towards an automated, digital, and women inspired future, we want to support our partners in the journey of cultural refreshing to ensure that all members of their organization are included and able to grow within the company. 

Our goal in developing high potential women talent is to help our clients increase their pipeline of strong women in management and leadership roles. Modern Empowerment has the ability to help women leaders maximize their strengths to benefit the organizations they represent.

Our data shows that over 85% of purchasing decisions are made by women. Many women come from various backgrounds, yet are underrepresented in corporate rankings. Our goal is to help companies ensure that the pipeline includes sufficient numbers of talented women who are prepared for success.

Modern Empowerment is an expert resource for women managers and professionals as well as aspiring professionals.
Our services include: 

Women Executive and Management Development Program, including but not limited to:

  • The John Maxwell Leadership Series
  • DISC Personality Assessment Series
  • The Modern Executive Leadership Series 
  • Alignment 360 Series 
  • Blueprint For Success Program
  • Communication Training

To learn more about how our Women In Leadership development training programs could help your organization, email us with your questions or to schedule a lunch and learn at info@localhost or call (678) 826-2990.