Virtual Appointments

Virtual Appointments allows the client to experience one-to-one coaching without having to travel.

Many clients desire to work with the technology alternative of Conference Call or Web Technology. Clients can connect from anywhere in the world! 

I offer the following services by virtual appointments. Please contact me if you desire a customized package:

The Benefits of Virtual Appointments: 

Coaching by the Conference Call or Web Technology will give you the support and feedback you need for creating meaningful changes in your life and achieve the results you want; while still being able to connect on a very personal level. 

The benefits of my virtual appointments are: 

  • Phone sessions usually have the capacity to be more focused.
  • Phone or Web Technology coaching is extremely time effective.
  • You will not waste any of your valuable time traveling back and forth to our coaching meetings.
  • You won’t get stuck in traffic, have to line up a babysitter, battle the weather or look for a parking spot.
  • Over the phone or computer coaching allows more flexibility in scheduling coaching sessions also. 
  • You can enjoy coaching in the surroundings of your choice. You can choose a quiet, private and relaxed place to be during our private coaching sessions. 
  • Phone or Web Technology is cost effective.

Working over the Phone or Web Technology also enables us to work with clients who would not otherwise be able to benefit from our coaching services out of our area.

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