Brand New Book
The Irreplaceable Mother  
From Best Selling Author 
Lorinda Buckingham

Your Path To Grief Recovery and

Living A Life Of Freedom Starts Here!  

The Irreplaceable Mother is relatable, brings hope, and connects with diverse audiences who share the same experience through one daughters journey through grief and brokenness to faith, healing, and a new normal.

If this describes You – then I’m here to assure you that you aren’t alone.

Every journal entry in these pages – including my own personal testimony – you can connect to bereaved sons and daughters who have contemplated their dwindling faith in Christ in the shadow of a mother who fought as hard as she could.

It’s easy to give in. It is easy to let the rage and the grief blot out the teachings of Christ – but storms will pass and the opportunity to heal with come. This book is a guide to help you take a breath and slowly reign in the grief so that you can find your way back to happiness.

Be the kind of person who takes action – and who doesn’t hesitate to do so.