Our Vision


Globally empowering leaders to have freedom, balance, and faith for success.


Modern Empowerment, LLC will be one of the largest influential world-class providers of leadership empowerment services & products including but not limited to coaching, teaching, speaking, mentorship, and professional development, on behalf and to the benefit of our founders, owners, partners, shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees, customers, and community.Modern Empowerment, LLC shall be recognized and acclaimed for being best in class within its perspective industries and disciplines, providing high quality service and products with enthusiasm and passion, spawning exceptional profits each fiscal year.

Our curriculum, practices, products, and principles will serve as a resource incubator that will deliver inspiration, motivation, confidence, and ignite intentional-actions for those connected and in partnership with the organization.

Our network, partnerships, relationships, technology, and community outreach will provide us with positive leadership influence in our industry and within our community; and will allow us with the capacity to be authentic to our purpose, being, and mission.

Modern Empowerment, LLC shall be a company that maintains its foundation of Christian faith and blessed by the Word of God, and with amorousness — be unapologetically countercultural to the values and norms of mainstream society that contradict our conscience and religious faith.

Our company will maintain the intentional-actions to endeavor to achieve diversity, self-awareness, professional faith, value added services, and community outreach with the highest level of excellence within the organization.

Our organization and staff will be the ideal well-balanced company for those who desire services that will help them reach their maximum potential.

Modern Empowerment, LLC shall be a source of creating and establishing generational wealth for its founders, owners, shareholders, suppliers, partners, and investors, that can be transferred to they heirs and charities of choice, for countless generations onward.