Need To Get Your Love Life & Business On The Right Track?

Business and love is not always easy to find. Once it is found, it is not always easy to maintain. Whether we endeavor to be successful in business, relationships, or both we must first become clear on our vision and be willing to step out on our dreams.

It reminds of me of a story of a woman named, Melissa, a Communications Manager that I met after speaking at an event. During our conversation, Melissa appeared tired because of the dark lines under her eyes. She did not give much of a smile during our chat.


Melissa was unclear about the vision for her career and personal life. She was dating a nice guy and the relationship seemed ok, but she was worried if it was too late for her and if love would come her way. Melissa was disappointed in the failed relationships that she experienced in the past


She was unhappy with her job. She was ready to start her own company. According to recent statistics, 85% of people hate their jobs. 62% of people aren’t engaged. I shared with Melissa that she has many moving pieces, and needs to get clarity on her vision, redefine her purpose, and create a development plan, which aligns her personal development with her business strategy.

I shared with Melissa, that is our firm, our client sets the agenda, sessions are strictly confidential, and tailor made to address their transformation for success. Our clients get one on one attention to help them to get clear on their vision, goals, and dreams. Many people have never experienced what it is like to have someone that is only focused on their transformation and success in their life. This is what sets us apart from the rest. We focus on items such as: 

  • Leadership strengths and weaknesses 
  • Branding reputation 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Transformational Success 
  • Time Management 
  • Communication Training 
  • and so much more! 

I’m a good referral for your friend Melissa, a communications manager, who’s tired of bad relationships and job who’s job is unsatisfying. Next time, you’re at lunch sharing the blues about life, tell Melissa to schedule an appointment with Lorinda to get her love life & business on the right track, and never again worry all night about whether love and business will come their way.

Until next time! Here’s to your freedom, balance, and faith for success! 

~ Lorinda Buckingham, Modern Empowerment


I hope you enjoyed this short story based upon the principles of Coaching and Training.

Sharing Is Caring: I encourage you to share with others that are around you. Please share my blogs, videos, and articles with others if you find value in them. I write them to a resource to add value to others so that they can live a life of Freedom, Balance, and Faith For Success!

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Lorinda Buckingham

Lorinda Buckingham is the Creator and Founder of Modern Empowerment, and is a Certified Coach, Speaker, & Trainer by the John Maxwell Team!

Lorinda Buckingham helps individuals discover powerful simple to use strategies on how to grow as leaders, enhance their career, and build the business of their dreams, and never again worry about not having what it takes to succeed!

Clients gain personalized attention and customized packages that meets the needs of their organization. Lorinda delivers amazing value by sharing proven principles in empowerment and leadership. Professionalism, friendliness, and authenticity and the hallmark for Lorinda and Modern Empowerment.


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