Lorinda Buckingham is the Creator and Founder of
Modern Empowerment, a Personal & Professional Development Training & Consulting Firm, located in Peachtree City, GA, where she serves as a Leadership Coach, DiSC Consultant and DiSC Trainer, and Speaker. Lorinda partners with top-level executives and management teams to grow their business, reach their goals and improve teamwork, and efficiencies.

After spending nearly 15 years working in electrical engineering in the automotive industry and guiding teams and leaders for multibillion dollar companies, Lorinda knows what truly drives teams and motivates employees.

Lorinda specializes in transformational development with developing and executing strategic development training programs that grows the capabilities of  companies, employees, sales professionals, and business owners to become effective leaders to lead others, confront & solve problems, builds cross-functional & cross-organizational communication, invests in human capital management, increases efficiency & productivity, improves customer service,  promotes a culture of learning including work-home balance & healthier lifestyles, clarifies branding, and aligns their personal development plan with business strategies. 

We’ve been very successful in developing programs for clients that are disappointed in the short supply of internal leadership, frustrated with the  deficiency in productivity, concerned with connection & networking, upset about missed sales goals, distraught with poor customer service, unclear of their  branding, and worried about the high cost of turn over due to poor hires. 

Lorinda has landed speaking presentations for the NAACP Youth Empowerment, Make A Girl A Woman Conference, Clayton State University, and more. Lorinda has trained students from elementary to college in areas ranging from confidence, self-image, entrepreneurship, and friend choices. Furthermore, Lorinda has trained business professionals across various industries in leadership. In addition to her extensive experience, Lorinda is certified as a John Maxwell leadership trainer & coach, DISC Consultant, and Brand Specialist.

Lorinda holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Tuskegee University, and a Masters In Business Administration, and is certified as a speaker, trainer, and coach by the John Maxwell Team, certified as a DISC Consultant, and Brand Specialist.

Outside of her passion for coaching and supporting executives and business owners, Lorinda loves to travel to the beach and enjoys jazz music. Lorinda’s background in Trinidad and Tobago explains her love for the water and sun. She loves bringing people together for teamwork in all settings; both inside the office and out.  

This experience has been valuable to her clients, as it is optional to have faith-based coaching and training sessions. Faith-based services are available upon request.

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