How To Find Motivation When You Are Unmotivated

Motivation can be defined in many ways. However, finding your motivation may not be as simple. Maintaining your driving force to keep you going forward may be difficult, but I share 3 keys to motivation that can help you excel in your career and business.


I have heard that some people describe motivation as a ‘mental force’ that drives a person to accomplish a task to an end. Others say that it is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. I, on the other hand, define motivation as

the internal drive within our souls that compels us to push forward with excitement and anticipation of a great outcome.”

Motivation is our internal drive to see good results. Think about it. Have you ever felt more motivated when you think something good is ahead of you? Think about this as well. Have you ever felt unmotivated when you do not anticipate anything good coming ahead? Yes? Me too!

The lack of motivation comes from not seeing good things ahead or having something positive to work towards. If you are working in a career and find yourself unmotivated, then the solution to that would be to give you something positive that will compel your soul to push forward with excitement and anticipation!

Let’s discuss 3 steps that will help you to find motivation when you are unmotivated.


In order to ignite your motivation, create new goals that will make you get up in the morning! Set new task and goals for yourself. These goals and tasks can go above and beyond what is asked of you at work. These are goals that you can set for yourself so that you can have a sense of satisfaction in the work that you are doing. Remember, we have to learn to be our own cheerleaders, and give thanks in every circumstance. Set new goals today!


Daily positive affirmations are a good way to make you feel motivated when you are not motivated. By speaking positive things about yourself and your current situation, you will begin to encouraged & motivated. It is very hard to stay unmotivated when you are constantly surrounded by positive things. There is power in our words. Therefore, when we confess good things, we create a mindset of positive motivation. So, write down all of the things that are ‘good’ in your career and business. Create positive affirmations about the good things.


There is internal motivation when we are praised for a job well done or receiving public acknowledgement for our efforts. Many people respond well to praise and thanksgiving. Be a person that gives thanks and that is thankful. Motivation has a lot to do with having the mindset to be thankful, even if the circumstances do not look favorable. Being thankful will always have its rewards and will stir up motivation in our hearts. Remember those goals in Step 1? Well, in this step we give thanks for the opportunity to create them and pursue them. Applying these 3 steps will encourage and motivate you in whatever area you desire!

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