Are You Struggling With Managing Family & Business?

Leadership Training With Lorinda BuckinghamHi, this is  Lorinda Buckingham and I’m a Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Trainer. Each year women pursue their dreams to start their own business and some after having children. These women juggle entrepreneurship and being the primary house manager; while giving up hobbies, struggling with procrastination & fear.

As a MBA engineer expert, I’ve managed complicated projects leading diverse teams domestically & internationally from idea concept to product launch, without a hitch! I’m a mother of 3 with an authentic approach to family & business. A woman named Paige contacted me because she was feeling overwhelmed with her new event planning business & family responsibilities. Paige wanted inspiration & resources on how to get out of her slump and run a business. I recognized that Paige was distressed & needed to discover how to develop her leadership strengths to get the success she desired. I offered to coach Paige to help her discover how to use amazingly simple yet powerful leadership strategies that will turn around her situation. As a result, Paige reduced her stress by twice as much, her leadership productivity doubled, she spends 3x’s more quality time with her family, and increased her clients by 25%. Paige is happier and living her dream!

I’m a good coach for you or your family member or neighbor who is like Paige, a business owner who may complain about not having enough time in the day, appear stressed out, and could use helpful leadership resources to become a success at home and in business. They want tools that will help them become more productive, communicate effectively, and build a profitable business.

Are You Or Someone You Know Struggling With Managing

Family & Business?

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