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Pep Talk For Moms!

There are many mothers who do not hear the encouraging words that they need to hear to feel that they are doing a great job! Let me start by saying, “You are doing a great job, Mom!”

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Soft Skills with Lorinda: Appreciating The Difficult People

Soft skills? What are soft skills? Many of us hear the word, but what does it really mean. Do you know that many of our youth and adults do not even know what 'soft skills' are? Appreciation is one of.....

3 Leadership Tips For Improving Your Life

Self help and personal growth are growing topics because these are aspects that many individuals are in search for answers to improve their life. If you are one of those people, here are some tips that can help you!.....

4 Steps To Manage Stress

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the responsibilities of work, home, and/or business?.....

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