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Pep Talk For Moms!

There are many mothers who do not hear the encouraging words that they need to hear to feel that they are doing a great job! Let me start by saying, “You are doing a great job, Mom!”

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Celebrate The Positive Things In Your Life

Celebrating the positive things in our lives helps us to stay focused on what is most important. Real leaders focus on the main goals and items for their lives.....

New Podcast: Personal Growth Is Intentional (audio inside)

Check out my new podcast called "Personal Growth Is Intentional". Listeners are learning about the importance of personal growth and how to identify the need for it.....

5 Tips To Developing Rapport

Do you want to build a better relationship with your staff, family, or co-workers? Do you want people to trust in your leadership? If so, then you are interested in developing rapport with those around you.....

Celebration Of Black History Month

Black History Month is an amazing time to celebrate of the contributions & progress that Black American leaders in our country have made to the benefit of all Americans.....

Episode 001: Celebration of Modern Empowerment (audio inside)

WELCOME! We are celebrating Episode 001 of Modern Empowerment with Lorinda Buckingham podcast! This was our first broadcast of our weekly show. Subscribe today to get new shows as they come out.....

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